CFCTickets / CST Proposal for Online Ticket Exchange for Chelsea Supporters Statement 20/05/2014

  Last week, CFCTickets and the Chelsea Supporters Trust submitted to Chelsea FC a proposal for an official, minimum cost ticket exchange that would take the place of the unpopular Viagogo service currently in operation.
  Through their experience of the service they offered through, the CFCTickets operators, with the support of the CST, have outlined their vision of how such a ticket exchange would work in an official capacity in conjunction with the club on
  Key features would include:
  • The ability for members and season ticket holders to purchase unwanted tickets for games at Stamford Bridge from fellow Chelsea supporters, with the potential for away games to be added to the exchange at a later date.
  • The removal of heavy "administration" fees as currently charged by Viagogo.
  • Tickets to be sold at face value with the addition of a small transaction fee necessary for the running such an exchange.
  • The ability to easily transfer tickets between friends and family.
  As the exchange would be an official service, Chelsea supporters would no longer be in danger of being wrongly identified as touts, while making it much easier for the club and local authorities to identify the real touts, in or out of the view of the general public.
  The Chelsea Supporters Trust views this as a real opportunity, not only for season ticket holders to legally sell on their tickets and for fellow Chelsea supporters to have the opportunity to attend games they might not have otherwise been able to, but for the club to lead the way at the top level of the game in offering a fan-friendly service that suits all parties. Arsenal FC operates a similar ticket exchange system, one that we have reviewed during the formulation of this proposal.
  Companies like Viagogo, whose practices elsewhere in the secondary ticket markets have also been heavily criticised, should not be allowed to profit any more from the pockets of Chelsea supporters who have always prided themselves on passing tickets between each other at "face value" and who currently pay among the highest prices in the Premier League, both at home and away.
  The club have said that they have reviewed and understand the proposal and at the appropriate point would use it as part of the input to their thinking in this area.
  The CST and CFCTickets call on the club to review its relationship with Viagogo and to strongly consider implementing a ticket exchange in line with that described in this proposal.
  Statement from Chelsea Supporters Trust:  
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